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Audio Classics 


 Audio Classics set up shop to repair and service old and unusual audio equipment, radio sets & record players, turntable & tonearms, hi-fi & studio equipment, guitar amps, Juke Boxes electronics organ; anything that was electrically ‘retro’... Since 1989 we have specialised in servicing and repairing all tube / valve equipment.


VALVE AMPLIFIER & Turntable specialists...

Valve bias set, Valve Amps Repaired.

Cartridges fitted, decks serviced & repaired.

NO FIX - NO FEE: Find us in DEEPEST Lancashire.

Email: hadenhifi@gmail.com

Or call / text 07802947942

High Quality Audio Amplifiers

Haden Boardman has been working in Hifi & Audio equipment for over 30 years. Working at several leading hifi retailers, as well as for serveral hifi manufacturers, inclduing (then) tunrtable and arm maker Alphason Designs, and most fanously with Tim de Paravaicini at EAR Yoshino Ltd.

His speciliast knowledge has been featured in 100s of magazine articles published in magazines ass diverse as Arena Homme+, Hifi World, Hifi News, Sound Practcies, and many private publications, reviewing and discussing High End technology.

He has a vast library of archive material, an the biggest library of hifi and music making related articles, covering from the 1920s, through to present day.

An expert in both analogue and digital. Valve and transitor.


Altec A7




The End.

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